Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Collection

Yes! Kylie’s Vacation collection is launching tomorrow (15th of June) at 2PM PST 3PM MST. Although there were previous posts suggesting that the launch time is at 3pm PST, kyliecosmetics IG account released an update recently saying its at 2PM PST. Yaay!! It’ll run from June 15-20th ONLY!! (Unless they restock like they did last time with KKW) Shipping details!  FREE on purchases $60 and above, ofcourse in USD, and a flat rate of $10 for purchases below $60USD. Which isnt bad at all!

So let’s take a peek on her collection. (Screenshots from Kylie’s snapchat)


The packaging is elegant and feminine as always. Below are some closer look


What’s in the box (note that the bundle doesn’t include the wet set. price for the bundle is $250 USD (331 CAD)

The Ultra Glow highlighters contain loose pigments. Price: $14 USD


Comes in three shades. Named after three summer destinations.

Tahiti- copper shade

Santorini- silver shade

and Fiji, golden-bronze shade

one more look of all the Ultra Glow swatches.


She is also launching a new lip kit shade. A very rich purple which costs $30 USD. The packaging has that reflective look.


Next, the Vacation Palette! It has some shimmery shades as well as matte. Love the teal shade! This palette will be sold for $52 USD.

I just love the packaging!!


Some swatches. From top to bottom: First class, Sea breeze, Summer ’17, Coconut, Pina Colada, Paradise, Starfish, On the rocks, Island girl, Sunset


from left to right: Luxury, Palm Tree and Surfboard


Then we have the “Send me more nudes” which comes in four shades in two different finish (matte and velvet) Colors are the same in the package, just different finish. They will be sold for $45 USD

I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on these ones specifically.

And here’s some swatches. From top to bottom: Naked, birthday suit, commando and bare. I personally like the bottom two (commando and bare)

She’s also launching new super glitter gloss which comes in two shades! The bottom one (Glitz) has a bronze tone to it while the top (Glamour) has a golden/copper tone. These will be sold for $15 USD each


Next is the wet set. This one is on the pricey side. Probably because of the formula? It’s a highlighter palette that feels wet to touch, hence the name “Wet Set”. It’ll be launched for $62 USD and comes in four shades.

Swatches from top to bottom: Privacy please, Unbothered, Do not disturb and Get-A-Way


what are your thoughts?

And last, but not the least, The Skinny dip face duo. A bronzer and highlighter palette. Price: $34 USD


I have a feeling these will sell like hotcakes as always. Good luck tomorrow and happy shopping!!


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