How to save time on finding the cheapest fare.

If you’re the type who looks for deals before going on a trip like myself, continue reading. If you think travelocity is your go-to site or any other similar website, then ill introduce you to something BETTER than that. I always try to get deals on flights, as cheap as I can get so I have extra money for when Im touring the place, when trying restaurants, shopping for souvenirs etc. That is why saving on airfare matters to me lol

This app is amazing!! It tells you when the prices would drop, when its gonna be more expensive etc.

I found this on my facebook newsfeed. Its called Hopper.

Basically, you type in the nearest airport, then your destination.


Say im looking for flight to London, its gonna tell me when its cheaper (green) and more expensive (red) and gray color is blocked coz you can only look up to 11 months in advance.

It even shows you the price range.. once you tap/click on the month, its gonna make you choose the date.  Say Im looking for flights for 12th to 19th of February..


Its gonna tell you to book now or wait. Since this is the cheapest it can get, its telling me to book it now. Shows you when the fares gonna go up and when’s the best time to book. (price prediction)


now, if incase the fare is pricier, and it tells you to wait, you can actually click “watch this trip”. There’s few flights that I’m watching right now. (see below)


See how it says “wait” and “book”.

It actually sends you a notification when its time to book the flight. (When it’s cheaper) Like it did on my phone earlier.


What I LOVE about this app is you don’t have to check websites every so often to find deals, the app itself would notify you. If there are number of destinations you wanna go to and wondering when the flights gonna get cheaper, this is the MOST convenient way to do it! Happy “watching” and booking!!



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