My scheming black mask! It actually works!

Ive seen some ad about black masks on facebook and one brand caught my attention. Its called my scheming black mask, a product of Taiwan. I honestly had to research more feedbacks about it coz I can only order it through amazon. Ive had a bad experience from ordering online, particularly amazon so I was skeptical but after watching youtube videos of people who actually used it, Ive decided to give it a try. I’ll link my youtube video down below.


The seller was in California so it was shipped earlier than the anticipated date. Bought it for $17. The box came with a set, 2 tiny bottles (20ml each) and the black mask itself. The 1st tiny bottle is the deep pore sebum softener. Which is the 1st step when using this kit. Will include the steps down below. The 3rd bottle is the clarifying pore treatment essence.


Heres how you use the kit that will effectively take most of the black and whiteheads.

1: wash your face. Face have to be clean. Use a mild cleanser. By the way, I do recommend doing this at night (bed time) when you dont have to wear any make up.

2: open pores. Use a cloth and hot water (as long as it doesnt burn you) and tap on the face. Ive only done this once. I always boil hot water and use the steam off of it to open my pores.

3: apply the deep pore sebum softener while gently massaging your face. Leave it on for 10 minutes.

4: wash your face with warm water. DO NOT use cold water as this would close your pores. Make sure the water would be hot enough to maintain the pores open.

5: apply the black mask, thick enough that you wont see any skin. Remember, of its too thin of a layer, you wont be able to pull any black or whiteheads. So be generous. Wait for 30 minutes. I sometimes wait for 40 minutes before I peel it off.

6: peel off mask. You have to peel upward though. NOT sideways nor downward.

7: lastly, apply the clarifying pore treatment essence which helps minimize pores. I honestly dont wash my face after I peel the mask. I apply the essence straight after.


And there you go fellas! This was added to my weekly routine. Ive been doing it once a week esp I wear make up and I see to it I wont wear make up the following day (I do put on loose powder tho just not foundation lol). The picture above was taken when I 1st used it. Just the nose area. Been using this for the whole face after seeing the result.



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