Review on The lakehouse in Calgary

We went to Calgary for our anniversary. Stayed there the night before. Im a self-confessed foodie so I was searchin for the best fine dining restaurant there.

From the name itself, the restaurant is by the lake. It sucks that we couldnt eveb enjoy the view or see the lake while were dining coz it was pretty dark. (Our reservation was at 9pm).

The way to the restaurant wasnt really well-illuminated. If it wasnt for the GPS we wouldnt know where it is. It was pretty dark. Here is the facade.


This is how it looks like when you enter. Seemed like they have functions as the restaurant was pretty busy even at 9pm. People were wearing coat and tie. Very classy ambience. Good thing we came prepared.


Usual thing, we were greeted by the door. The gentleman asked if its for (my husband’s name) and we were seated at the other side of the restaurant. Im assuming he was the manager. Somewhere more private coz the main dining was loud.

Once seated, another lady came up bringing two jugs of water and asked if we wanted sparkling or still water. They look more like a flask.


Then our server came named Val. She was an awesome server. She was on top of everything. Excellent service! She introduced herself and asked if we were celebrating anything so we mentioned it is our wedding anniversary. She left then the manager served us with two glasses of Prosecco. (Sparkling wine)


Our server came back and informed us of their special.

By the way this is how their food menu look like


Very simple, yet classy. Very straightforward. Not a bond paper. Its definitely thicker. While below is their drink menu


Wine list is more hard cover for an elegant feel. They have good selection of wine and the price is reasonable. Moet and Chandon bottle was only $95 if i remember it right. That bottle was $100+ in my previous workplace. If im not mistaken it was $175. Cant remember anymore


Now, the food. We ordered an appy, entrees and dessert. They came in a timely manner. We didnt have to wait long for each course. Bread and butter were served before appys.(appetizer) in other restaurants, its in between appetizer and entree. Not really a big deal. It depends on each company’s standard.

For appetizer, we ordered the panko crusted spot prawns. We didnt really want anything heavy for the appy as the entrees we ordered would be filling. Plating was nice, it was good. I just thought, for an upscale restaurant they would have something like foe gras? (Hint hint)


The cracked wheat salad that came with it was good! It came with bits of king crab legs and some fennel. It is similar to couscous. Difference? Grain sizes i believe.

For our entrees, I ordered their Brome lake duck breast.  Its a duck confit served with gnocci as your starch, wilted kale, duck jus, pear and fig puree and some poached fennel. Overall? I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10. Theres always room for improvement right? Loved everything on the plate. Duck was tender, though some parts could be chewy because of the fat.


Hubby ordered their Alberta lamb sirloin. The mint chimichurri went well with the lamb. It was cooked to his liking.


for dessert, we ordered root beer float creme brûlée.


above is the dessert menu.

and below is their creme brûlée. We were full so we didn’t really ordered anything big, we just shared it.


I like that our server, Val, asked if we wanted any coffee to go with our dessert. (coffee and baileys?)

Lastly, they serve mint chocolate after the dessert.


And that, was our dinner experience at the Lakehouse. Would definitely recommend it, I suggest reserving a table when the sun sets so you get to see the view (lake). Would probably give it more of a romantic feel? I didnt see the view myself not sure if its something nice to see while dining but i bet it is.




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