How to score cheap flights within Asia



We all know almost everything in Asia is cheap especially if you’re living in the US, Europe and Canada. Actually, the ones that Caucasians considered “cheap” is not even the cheapest. Stop booking through travel agencies like flight centre or even the famous expedia. The deals are cheap alright. But you can actually get it more cheaper if you book through local airlines that aren’t affiliated with these booking sites or agencies. Some don’t mind spending, but some want to maximize everything and Im the same way. lol If you fly business class, then you don’t need to read further. lol

Anyway, Before booking anything, do set the dates on when you plan to travel Asia and for how long. In our case, we were in Asia for a total of two months because we got married in the Philippines.

We booked our tickets probably 8 months in advance. For cheap deals from Canada to Philippines, check note, visit their canadian site to avoid being charged in USD. US site is The ticket cost $900+ (canadian dollar). I actually checked the website 3 months before our departure date and it was cheaper! Take in consideration, we flew the month of September. If booking flights in the summer and December, expect flights to be more expensive.

After the fare to Philippines was booked, I started scouting for fares, cheap/promo fares from budget airlines- Cebu Pacific ( Air Asia (, tiger airways (

Make sure you’re in the Philippine website for Air asia (malaysian airline) and tiger airways (singapore airline). Just so the prices would be listed in Philippine peso and you will also see the deals from the country if flying FROM the Philippines NOT from Malaysia or Singapore.

Since Airasia is a malaysian airline, its cheaper to book through them If flying to Malaysia, they also have the best deal if flying to Kalibo, if going to boracay, please opt to purchase ticket to Caticlan instead. Its not as cheap as Kalibo flight but it’ll save you from travelling a 2 hour bus ride coz it’s not near Boracay. Tiger airways is where you can purchase cheaper deals to Singapore and flights anywhere in Philippines, Japan, Australia, etc can be booked through cebu pacific. On their website, on the top right corner, click on promos and voila! all the current promos, sale period, travel period everything you need to know. I booked our Thailand, Japan and cambodia trip through them.

Caucasians are usually get ripped off by locals. Im a filipino and when we visited Asia, I have to do the “bargain” otherwise my husband, who’s Canadian,would get ripped off. Thats proven coz we actually tried it when we were in Bangkok. Had to get him hide or keep distant when I’m trying to shop for the stuff he likes coz apparently, when I ask how much stuff are, they are cheap, and when he comes in and ask, its almost double the price I was told. So BEWARE!

If you are on Facebook, try adding “Piso fare and airline promo” fb page for airline promos from the Philippines.

Bonus! Check its like Philippines’ groupon. check some getaway, restaurant, hotel deals. A friend of mine actually introduced me to the website coz I havent been home since forever.

So there you go Canadian friends out there, go explore Asia!

and for those who’s wondering if Philippines is safe to travel to, just stay away from Mindanao except for Davao. Its a city in mindanao that i can recommend exploring. Its more safer than Manila (statistics says). I personally havent been there, but planning to visit that island.

There’s a new budget airline- Skyjet. Most of their flights are going to Palawan and Boracay, you guys might want to check that out too..

Remember, try to compare fares from these websites given before booking. We’ve booked through all them except for skyjet. Happy travelling!



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