how to get to Hotel bell classic, Tokyo From Narita Airport terminal 2

This blog is for a good friend of mine who loves to travel as well. It’s one of the long overdue blogs i was planning to write. Note: I am not a pro at this. I will be writing a separate blog on how i was able to afford my recent Asia trip. Some tips on how to save, where to book fares etc. as well as our itinerary for 5 days.

Japan was one of the countries we’ve visited during our recent Asia tour. I booked the fare months before our trip. I waited for promo fares. lol I started booking December of 2014 and we flew to Philippines September of 2015 but I booked our Asian tour for October 2015. Yup! I am very patient in doing this. I check online EVERY NIGHT! I’m not even kidding. after work, I would sit infront of my laptop and check websites, check for hotel and fare deals, plan itineraries in every place we went once booked. Apart from this, I was planning my own wedding which took place in Philippines while I am residing in Canada! It wasn’t easy. But well worth it.

It was our first time in Japan so everything in this blog would be based from our experience.

We stayed at Hotel bell classic, Tokyo. a three star hotel. Hotels in Tokyo could be really expensive especially if you were to stay near Shinjuku or Shibuya. Booked a three star hotel at our stay at this country coz we figured we won’t be “staying” at the hotel anyway, we would just sleep in it as we would be exploring Tokyo the whole day even night actually. Hotels in Japan are clean anyway, Japanese are known for their hygiene. Their common areas would say it all. We never saw a dirty washroom our entire stay there.

I highly recommend renting a pocket wifi for the entire stay in Japan. It comes handy especially not everyone speak english. Theres few of them in Narita airport. Since we flew with CebuPacific, we landed at Narita Terminal 2. Arrival lobby is on the 1st floor, theres bunch of  stalls there where you can rent pocket wifi, cellphone etc.but the nearest one from the baggage claim is just beside the information desk . I believe there’s two or one stall i found in the basement floor as well.

In our case, we rented it from the one next to information desk. Reason? the data is unlimited and it internet doesn’t go slow after reaching certain GB. The good thing about Japanese people, they will inform you about that. Japanese who work in the airport speaks english by the way. Good enough for every nationality to understand.

The pocket wifi we rented out looked like this


I believe we paid around $50 (5,000 YEN) for the entire stay- they do charge per day. These pocket wifi can also be delivered to your hotel if you book them online ahead of time, some of them can also be dropped off at any mailboxes but ours can only be returned at the airport where we picked it up.

How to get to the hotel (hotel bell classic, Tokyo)

From the pocket wifi rental stall near the information, take the escalator to the basement B1F (Railway Narita Terminal Station)

you have three (3) options:

  1. Limousine bus- duration: 80-90 minutes. 3100Yen or $31. It does take a while before you get to Tokyo, but it saves you the trouble from changing train station to train station. you just sit, and enjoy the ride. if you have lotsa time in Japan, then opt for this one.
  2. Narita Express- duration: 53 minutes from Narita Airport to Tokyo station. Since the hotel is 5 minutes walk from Otsuka station, you still have to find your way to the said station from Tokyo station. Cost: 3,020 yen for regular cars, 4560 yen for first class(green cars)again, this price is if your alighting at Tokyo station.
  3. Skyliner-  duration: 36 minutes to Nippori. We actually opted for this one coz it’s cheaper and faster. Alight at Nippori station and take a JR train (Yamanote line) to Otsuka station. From Otsuka station, its about 5 minutes walk to the hotel. Cost: 2470 yen or $24+


Keisei Skyliner Nippori station


excuse my hubby’s head. this was taken on our way back to the airport (departure date) The ticketing machine. It tells you the steps on how to purchase your ticket. Note: you have to buy two tickets not just one.


have to insert both (one ticket on top of the other)



the interior of the train we took from Narita to Nippori


interior of the train we took from Nippori to Narita


from Nippori station, look for the yamanote line headed to Otsuka station

Hotels in Asian countries whether motels, 3 star hotels provide toothpaste and toothbrush,, if its a luxury hotel, you will have the entire set-comb, shower cap, etc. they don’t provide the basics here in Canada even just the toothbrush, toothpaste, shower cap in 3 star hotels.

Here’s the amenities of Hotel bell classic.


Shampoo, Conditioner, and body soap by POLA. a cosmetic brand in Japan.


They provide cleansing wash, moisture lotion (for face) both by POLA and face soap by Shiseido.


and your vanity set.. which, again, is pretty common in asia.

here’s a video of how the hotel room looks like.. It’s pretty small but like i said, we only needed the room to sleep in. the bath is separated from the toilet. My husband played with the high tech toilet coz we don’t have it in Canada. lol I actually recorded him doing that. haha



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